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To make data science, analytics and IoT easily available, we have created the Flowtale Data Accelerator.

The Flowtale Data Accelerator enables your data to become highly integrated by combining internal as well as external data sources, in a framework that is tailored to your specific demands, so you have a swift and easy way to get insights out of your data.


Evolved over time to be a foundation we use in the majority of our projects, our use of the Data Accelerator allows you to achieve faster and better cloud deployments for data science and data engineering, with a selection of tools and parameters that are known to play nice together.

Flowtale Data Accelerator is...

A shortcut
to highly integrated, actionable data
on a platform that your business owns
with flexibility and low technology risk.
A method
to land data from diverse sources,
combine data to create insights and value
and expose those insights to the business.
A framework
to operationalize data collection with DataOps,
customize solutions for opportunities quickly
and manage data change over time.
A promise
of cheaper and faster lead times for analytics,
enabling use-cases with a future-proof foundation,
building on the right technologies from the start.

Data Accelerator Architecture

The Flowtale Platform Accelerator major components when hosted on Azure; we also routinely deploy the accelerator for AWS and Google Cloud.

Data Pipeline Framework

Most data solutions are created by data scientists or developers who are not experts in data engineering and topics such as data steaming, data management and data drift. A similar problematic situation applies to custom IoT clouds, that are often created by hardware manufacturers or by consultants without a single data scientist to verify the actual usability.

At Flowtale, we have years of experience rolling out data and analytics solutions across different industries, and we know the advantage of having embedded DataOps at the outset. That's why the Flowtale Data Accelerator is built as a data pipeline framework that can support any IoT and Big Data architecture and adjust to changes easily.

Simplified logical view of the Flowtale Platform Accelerator and data pathways

Modular and Flexible Solution

We strongly adhere to the principles of loose coupling and high cohesion in our solutions. Too often we have seen poorly structured solutions end up in a "take it or leave it" dilemma for the owner, forcing IT strategy and architecture decisions to be impacted by past implementations.

To avoid the common traps, the Flowtale Data Accelerator has been built as a truly modular solution where components can be singled out and deployed to environments in accordance with scalable IT architecture - and then configured to share data where it makes sense.

Flowtale Platform Accelerator deployed several times in separate environments and sharing data

Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Support

Using a single cloud provider for data, analytics and IoT comes with large hidden cost in time spent on establishing data integrations. The major providers don't support the same use-cases, or even protocols and operating systems, and there are often huge savings to be gained from thinking "outside-the-box" and having a flexible framework for this.

To achieve full data integration and IoT device support, the Flowtale Data Accelerator is built to support all cloud providers, including hybrid scenarios, and can set up new data integrations in a matter of days, not weeks.

Hybrid cloud integration regardless of the Flowtale Platform Accelerator host cloud

Data Accelerator in a Box

Infrastructure as code and automated deployment are features all cloud solutions should aspire to make possible.

We've taken this aspiration a step further and have containerized our deployment process, resulting in an accelerator solution in a box, that's packaged (currently 3.6gb), shipped to technical staff and deployed to your environment in a matter of 20 minutes. That's an entire data platform from scratch.

Deploying the Flowtale Data Accelerator with a One Button Deploy to any cloud

Based on Open Source and Proven Technology

By using the Flowtale Data Accelerator we can guarantee your organization a fast start to a long-lived data analytics and IoT platform, where the skills to operate and maintain the result are readily available in the general IT hiring market.

We at Flowtale have a strong focus on utilizing the best of Open Source and on deploying solutions based on components proven to be mature and regularly updated. We bring this to bear fruits in implementation by using our Data Accelerator.

Some of the components that rely on Open Source in the Flowtale Data Accelerator are highlighted here