AI Launchpad

The AI launchpad – Flowtales PoC process with proven results

Are you looking to harness the power of AI to enhance your daily work but unsure where to begin? Do you have a concept in mind but require expert guidance to realize it?

Artificial intelligence is playing an important role for many businesses across various industries – from predictive maintenance in heavy industry, to AI-powered customer service, to AI powered legal case handling. The companies that have managed to reap the most value from AI have all reported a focus on quickly testing their ideas and prioritizing time to learn and play with AI.

To get your company started with testing ideas for AI-powered improvements, we have developed the AI Launchpad. Flowtales PoC process with proven results.

As artificial intelligence can tackle both minor and major challenges, regardless of company size, it's crucial to align your efforts with clear business-driven goals. If you don't know exactly where to start, don't worry—we will handle this as part of the first process step.

We always start our PoC process by digging into your operational challenges, business needs, and company-specific requirements, to ensure a shared understanding of our goal. Together with you, We then peek into the needed underlying data setup and then start iterating our way to a PoC.

Should we get started?

*Please note the duration of the AI launchpad process will vary depending on the customers requirements, ambition level and solution scope.

Turning your AI dreams into reality, one PoC at a time

ProcessEstimated workPurposeOutcomeCustomer deliverables
AI LaunchpadSPRINT 1
Show us <span>your process</span>

Show us your process

  • 2 meetings with SMEs
  • 1 Co-creation workshop
  • Team allocation
  • 2 consultants allocated
Become clear on what processes or problems that is the best starting point for your company
  • Clear scope for PoC
  • Clear success criteria for PoC
  • Availability of operational SMEs
  • Key stakeholders
  • Project team members with dedicated time
Show us <span>your data</span>

Show us your data

  • 2 meetings with SMEs
  • Datadump from Customer to Flowtale
Understand the complexity and size of the data to be used and the customers data infrastructure
  • Feasibility onepager
  • Alignment on data usage for PoC
  • Availability of technical SMEs
  • Delivery of sample data to Flowtale premise
  • Ensure access
Solution <span>iterations</span>

Solution iterations

  • Solution development
  • Bi-weekly sprint meetings
Based on above outcomes, we apply our methodology to develop a PoC together with you
  • A tight and successful development process
  • Feedback on solution
  • PM allocated
  • Technical SME
  • Operational SME
<span>PoC</span> delivery

PoC delivery

  • Report & demo material
  • Virtual presentation of demo
To showcase the PoC solution to the identified problem based on a limited dataset
  • PoC report, presentation and demo
  • Suggested next steps
  • Feedback
  • Training
Phase IIGo/No-go
  • Follow-up meeting to evaluate PoC
To align on the success of the solution and agree on potential next steps


Guidance to realize your AI vision

Are you looking to harness the power of AI to enhance your daily work but unsure where to begin? Do you have a concept in mind but require expert guidance to realize it?

If either scenario resonates with you, we invite you to reach out for a comprehensive workshop or a Proof of Concept (PoC) programme. We guarantee swift and skilled support, focused on delivering value, tailored to your unique starting point.

How we work, the Flowtale Way.

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