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Artificial intelligence

Flowtale strives to deliver smarter, faster, cost-efficient, and ultimately, more competitive tangible insights from data for of our clients. Artificial intelligence is enabling organizations to realize these possibilities and benefit from the mining of useful, actionable information not known beforehand from volumes of data, regardless of source or form. Our expertise includes:

  • Easily consuming unlimited amounts of data with timely analysis and assessment.
  • Identifying, processing, and creating data based on predictive analytics.
  • Identifying and eliminating redundant processes, expertly managing time and resources.

Flowtale was able to dive right into one of the most complex processes, quickly understand our business challenge and translate that into a functional algorithm in around 4 months.

  • Lars Andersson, Head of Procurement Automation & Analytics, Maersk Line
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Data modelling

Flowtale uses data modelling to define and analyze the data requirements needed to support business processes, enabling relevant and valuable insights to organizations. Professional data modellers work closely with business stakeholders, as well as potential users of information systems, to derive enhanced understanding.

Data engineering

Data engineering is the core element when creating a Comprehensive Data Perspective. Our data engineers typically assess the current data footprint, then plan and design a data platform architecture, implement and integrate, and finally deploy and maintain. All while staying true to the Flowtale Way - using best practices and open-source tools and knowledge. Our expertise includes:

  • Data platform infrastructure design and build.
  • Relational and non-relational database theory and practice
  • Database clustering tools and techniques
  • ETL design, operationalization of data processing systems with ensured solution quality.

Data science

Flowtale uses best-practice methods in data science in ways that produce robust results, such as fitting models to train data. In doing so, we use both traditional regression and classification techniques, as well as the full range of machine learning algorithms.

The scientific process of model development and selection is always driven by client utility rather than elegance or sophistication.

Flowtale’s focus is on achieving measurable improvements in predictive and descriptive outcomes, by focusing on parsimonious models that pass robustness testing before being deployed.

Typically, Flowtale applies a wide range of algorithmic techniques using high-level libraries and ensuring cross-validated performance assessments.

IoT integration

From a data perspective, the key promise of Internet of Things (IoT) is that data sourcing is enriched with data from the physical world around us. Flowtale employs IoT Integration to extend your Comprehensive Data Perspective with the massive amount of data flowing from sensors in the physical world.


A full assessment of current device and edge deployments scalability, security, upgradeability and operational fit in data solutions.

  • Research and development of new device and/or edge deployments for data augmentation
  • Full integration of devices and edges to cloud, enabling solutions to source data and enrich an organization’s Comprehensive Data Perspective.

Data management

Without active data management, a workable data strategy, and vigilant governance, data will never realize its potential, nor meet the expectations of various stakeholders. The value of data rests upon its uniqueness, how it is being used and by whom.


  • Data quality definitions determine the condition of the data, as well as its trustworthiness and adherence to data policies
  • Define roles and responsibilities, provide an organizational structure to who cares for and maintains which data
  • Metadata creation links technical processes to specific data implementation, as well as anything that produces, uses, or influences data.

People in the company act on data insights within 1-2 minutes and that wouldn’t be possible without the infrastructure Flowtale built for us.

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How we work, the Flowtale Way.

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