Digital Assistant: CHARLIE

Avoid the privacy and security issues with generic digital assistants, by getting our custom CHARLIE, the Scalable Digital Assistant, implemented within your Azure tenancy

Onboard AI in your organization

  • analyse and give explanations
    Analyse and give explanations

    CHARLIE simplifies and accelerates Back Office tasks by ensuring easy access to analysis, based on company-specific data. This can introduce efficiency and task execution in tasks such as customer inquiry handling, purchasing, technical documentation analysis and much more

  • efficient information search
    Efficient information search

    Avoid poor search functions across multiple systems and data sources by using CHARLIE semantic search function

  • writing assistance
    Writing assistance

    Get support writing customer emails, storylines, marketing content, excel formulas etc.

  • application support
    Application support

    Integrate and pin your company's most used guidelines and manuals into CHARLIE for easy and streamlined access and swift execution

Privacy and IT Security benefits of choosing CHARLIE

Security / Privacy concerns

  • Sensitive information is not shared with third parties
  • Control and governance over access to AI features
  • Tailor UI and UX to your needs
  • Build client specific features

Data sovereignty and analytics

  • Comply with data privacy laws
  • Data stored in region of choice
  • Track & analyse usage
  • Build AI literacy

CHARLIE - The digital assistant that grows with you

  • A digital assistant designed to enhance productivity, offering seamless interaction with personal files and data
  • Enhanced efficiency of engagements, via effortless archiving of key conversations for easy retrieval and repeated use
  • Insightful analysis and swift content generation
  • A customizable user interface tailored to your company's logo and branding aesthetics.
  • A flexible solution that accommodates further development of bespoke functionalities when the organization is ready (note: additional development is not included in the fixed price).
  • A solution that can adhere to your privacy and security standards, by being implemented within your Azure tenancy under the competent guidance of Flowtale.
  • Exclusive virtual training session conducted by the CHARLIE Development team.
  • An implementation package that includes 10 hours of startup support.
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