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The Flowtale team was always available, easy to access and easy to talk to. That was a really big benefit for us, instead of having to deal with a big firm - we really felt like we were in good hands.

  • Hanna-Maija Kuhn, Head of Business Development, Ramboll Management Consulting
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Little changes have the potential for great impact – both good and bad – in companies the size of Ramboll. Each department has clear responsibilities, but sometimes different departments must work together towards a common goal that will ultimately benefit the company as a whole. At Ramboll, working towards that common goal meant that employees required the ability to combine their domain knowledge and data with their colleagues’. In this case, the existing tools in a single department were insufficient. Often, such tools are created onsite to fulfil an immediate business need, before investing in time to learn more about the most common use cases.


When working on this solution, we were in touch with the client constantly. This allowed us to learn and understand the underlying business challenges they needed to solve. Using this new knowledge, we successfully implemented a forecasting solution that enabled better planning for the joint operations of different departments. The new solution's user interface was designed from the beginning to allow the simultaneous work of multiple employees on the same database, which eliminated the various shortcomings of the original in-house solution.


With this new solution, users obtained the ability to work on their own subset of data without interfering with their colleagues' work.

Business Cycles

The reworked data model enabled the company to avoid planned downtime before each financial cycle start, whereas the original solution data model was not designed for this use case.


The new tool can be accessed through a web browser. This eliminates the need for users to download and upload documents, allowing for a more intuitive workflow.


After replacing the old solution with the new solution developed by Flowtale, the client reported a decrease in the number of user support requests from daily requests, to zero requests! This contributed to the redeployment of one full-time employee to other work, not to mention a significant reduction in operational risk.

How we work, the Flowtale Way.

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