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We have a relentless focus on achieving our clients’ objectives, by approaching challenges at their natural abstraction level.

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Client Objectives

Ensure that all efforts are guided towards achieving the objectives of our clients.

We strive to keep a strict focus on objectives. We redeploy resources from excessive programming efforts that make little practical difference, into analysis, testing and integration.

  • Relentlessly pursue a deep understanding of all client objectives.
  • Frequent checkpoint discussions with stakeholders.
  • Avoid re-engineering when adaptation and customization suffice.
  • Alignment of incentives for final deliverables.
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Use the highest quality tools available for each task at the correct level of abstraction.

While too great abstraction can lead to a lack of expressiveness and too standardized; too little abstraction leads to too much time being consumed by irrelevant detail or verbosity. The right level of abstraction leads to a good match between the thinking that must be done and the resulting code.

  • Highest-level appropriate tools.
  • Specialized programming languages.
  • Devolve performance optimization to low-level libraries.
  • Align thinking and programming.
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The Flowtale Delivery Promise

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Open Source

Favour widely used and supported, tested and open-sourced core components to allow greater focus on project-specific value.

  • Build on proven blocks without licensing restrictions.
  • Avoid cost leakage and dependency creation of proprietary solutions.
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Modularity & Portability

Build solutions that fit clients’ existing infrastructure and environment.

  • Containerization with image registries.
  • Orchestration and template-based deployment.
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Continuous Testing & Documentation

Make robustness and understandability a standard objective in the programming process.

  • Continuous integration (automated).
  • In-line and dedicated documentation.