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TDC Erhverv is investing heavily in the rollout of new 5G and NB-Internet of things (IoT). Part of their strategy is to address their SMB clients’ demand for additional managed services related to IoT. In any IoT solution, connectivity is only one piece of the puzzle. TDC had an established concept addressing the new demand but lacked the direct experience and knowhow to execute an IoT and Big Data & Analysis product development solution.


Flowtale’s technical experience, lean approach and Flowtale Way was the perfect partner TDC needed to jumpstart such a comprehensive and aggressive initiative. Quick to respond and act, Flowtale put together a diverse team of consultants with a broad range of expertise within IoT, Data Engineering, Data Science, and Product Development.

The initial Proof-of-Concept phase quickly (like many projects) changed shape and diverged slightly based on the early learnings and refined project goals. Applying the Flowtale Way meant close collaboration and frequent check-ins with both internal and external stakeholders were enforced, allowing the team to manage objectives and expectations. This resulted in an on-budget and on-time minimum viable product (MVP) of the IoT Box managed service, while in parallel running a live pilot with a client prospect. In addition, the Flowtale team took ownership and supported TDC in planning and structuring the product roadmap.

IoT Box v0.1 - MVP

The first version of a reusable IoT end-to-end system built on top of Microsoft Azure, using best practice in system architecture, device integration, security, scalability, multi-tenancy, data engineering, analytics and dashboards.

IoT Box Pilot Case

A pilot was implemented on the IoT Box for a major airport, combining the two verticals of asset-tracking and waste management and enabled the airport to (i) optimize the usage of their cleaning vehicle fleet and (ii) improve the experience of Airport travellers by better management of waste.

IoT Box Product Roadmap

Staying true to the Flowtale Way, we took the initiative to summarize all learnings and results from the project, forming a 2-year product roadmap for the IoT Box.

How we work, the Flowtale Way.

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